The Ancients

A delving into the ancient forests and emergence of a new jewellery collection, handcrafted from fossilized petrified wood and sterling silver.

Come enjoy a glass of Champagne as we celebrate this exciting new body of work to emerge from the Osiris Studio.

The evening will also include the unveiling of a very special timber art sculpture that has been commissioned for the studio, handcrafted exquisitely by the very talented Ben Marcolin.

After the launch, we will head up to Flutterbucks Pizzeria for some live music, food and drinks to celebrate the night away!

For info call 0499 747 473.

In the presence of the Ancients I sit.
The days and nights dissolve
Into the present moment,
Which is an absolute eternity.

The Ancients are home.
They creak and groan with their knowing.
They speak of the interconnectedness of all things
And they themselves are the demonstration of that unity.

They are the timekeepers of the Universe
The story tellers
The rhythm keepers
A pulse from deep within.

Their forms meander, twist and turn
As life itself in this realm.
They speak to us of truth and being.

It is only
When we are as quiet as they
That we can hear.