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Fragile : The Exhibition

FRAGILE : a collaborative exhibition, a layering of artistic expression giving voice to the most vulnerable, in a powerful expression of  living art. Inspired by the MAT19 theme of 'Now You See It, Now You Don't", the artists attention went to our disappearing world .. the animals, plants, forests and rivers that were are losing at an alarming rate... the result of this contemplation was a poignant, and captivating, two-hour event on Sunday afternoon May 19. JEWELLERY | FASHION | ART Jewellery: Osiris Jewellery Kaftan: Designed by Meera Moyne | Handpainted by Karla Kavanagh Hair & Makeup : Penny Westwick - Angel Wing Creations Models : Bella Hofbaeur | Ellen Edwards | Tara Zhinu | Beth Rosa D'Or Art: Bea...

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