This piece really drove me -a tidal wave of creative force that would not let me rest until completion. This morning, I  am contemplating this process of creation...

I have an intense NEED to create, to express what I am feeling in its most raw, pure form. The more I am involved in this creative process, the deeper it takes hold within me. Like a dancer who continues to fly on broken feet, or a musician who plays with fingertips bloodied and bruised, I continue to create beyond the pains and limitations of this body. I am pushed to express beyond the confines of what people will like, what is commercial, what is 'on trend'... I take none of this into account. My jewellery is pure expression. It is the outcome of my communion with my own heart, and the Heart of All as I live, breathe, feel and contemplate humanity, our beautiful planet, and the elemental forces of existence itself. It is, as I am, ever-changing, responsive, direct. It is raw, elemental. My pieces are tiny archaeologies where my feeling and my breath and my contemplations are entombed. They hold the mysteriousness , the ancientness and the continuity of existence, that which we all share and that which connects us, within. They are where I find myself. Where the doorways dissolve.

This piece was born over the intense creative surge of the Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces.

When someone truly connects with a piece of mine, we meet at the heart.

Ocean is a continuation of the Elemental body of work, and is currently defining the direction my work is taking:

Elemental is an unfolding exploration in manipulating the silver with fire and steel for a highly-unique, sculptural aesthetic.

The ancient textures of Elemental pieces deeply tap into the rhythm of Earth and the pulse of life itself within our own beings, as reflected in nature around us. They are a felt communion with the elements, and a direct expression of that feeling connection, through metal and stones.

Elemental pieces are rustic, layered, tiny landscapes... they are the Story Tellers, the Song lines of the homeland... and they are very dear to my heart.