Fragile : The Exhibition

FRAGILE : a collaborative exhibition, a layering of artistic expression giving voice to the most vulnerable, in a powerful expression of  living art. Inspired by the MAT19 theme of 'Now You See It, Now You Don't", the artists attention went to our disappearing world .. the animals, plants, forests and rivers that were are losing at an alarming rate... the result of this contemplation was a poignant, and captivating, two-hour event on Sunday afternoon May 19.

Jewellery: Osiris Jewellery
Kaftan: Designed by Meera Moyne | Handpainted by Karla Kavanagh
Hair & Makeup : Penny Westwick - Angel Wing Creations
Models : Bella Hofbaeur | Ellen Edwards | Tara Zhinu | Beth Rosa D'Or

Art: Bea Stars | Jane Higgins | Veriest Ferrari
Photography : Elle Creative Studio

The event included multiple pop up exhibitions of local fine artists in the beautiful Marketta Gardens, right next door to Flutterbies Cafe. This location hosts our monthly Tyalgum Village Markets, provides venue for music festivals such as O'Heart Festival and Tyalgum Music Festival, and offers staging opportunities for Shakespeare performances and the like throughout the year.

The Sunday afternoon gathering was well-attended, with about 80 people coming out to enjoy Tyalgum's first Art Trail event, as part of MAT19. In addition to the pop up galleries, we staged a Moving Exhibition, with live models in wearable art adding another dimension to the pieces.

The models wore handsewn linen kaftans, designed by Meera Moyne, a visiting french fashion designer, and sewn by local seamstress Unsay, who is part of the artists cooperative at Tyalgum is my Tuscany. Kaftans were handpainted by Jamaican artist Karla Kavanagh, who has recently joined the Artist Cooperative and features her beautiful designs in the Tuscany gallery Linen Room.

The Moving Exhibition referenced the Amazon Rainforest in four themes: Deep Forest, Forest Floor, Rio Amazonas and Birds of Paradise. Each model was made up to embody the theme by the talented Penny Westwick of Angel Wings Creation, wearing Karla's handpainted kaftans, and jewellery from Osiris Jewellery. The Gallery space also included beautiful watercolours by local artist Bea Stars, who manages Earth Heart Beat sustainability and lifestyle shop, and has an artist studio at the front of that shop.


The inspiration behind the jewellery for Fragile...

I have always had a deep connection to the elemental forces of life, and the magic and mystery of creation itself. This connectedness to all living things is like a river that runs through me, and flows into my work as I create. When I am involved in the creative process, and deep space opens and I feel the connection to all things, all life - past and present - and I am held in a space that is beyond time, beyond mind. The pieces are storytellers, and sometimes keys that hold the vibratory current of feeling and contemplation. Whatever is arising within consciousness as I create the piece, is inherently held within it, and the most sensitive recipients will feel and recognise that essence when they connect with that piece of jewellery.

I have a deep love of nature, and treasure the gift that natural environments bestow upon us, through their very existence. This has naturally led to being a passionate advocate for environmental awareness and protection, which is deeply embedded within my work. As an artist, my work is very sculptural and textural. My eye is constantly drawn to the rhythms and layers that exist in nature, and these patterns echo upon the surfaces of my pieces. I work directly with the metal and the stone, and feel the elements as I create, and allow them to speak through me.

With this collection of pieces, my aim is to draw the viewer into feeling the wonder and mystery of our precious home, and all the beautiful forms of life that exist here. Life is so precious, and so much of it is disappearing before our very eyes. We are the generation that is the witness of so much change to this earth plane and we hold a great flame of responsibility in our hearts. I consider myself profoundly blessed to be able to live in such an exquisite corner of the world, where we are so graciously held beyond much of the maelstrom that exists right now on the planet.

I know deep within my being that when a person is brought back to feeling, it changes their course of action, their choices and the impacts those choices have. Art is a potent medium to draw people into feeling, and that is why it is important to hold a space for our artists and creatives - they are the sentinels that help us find our way back to the feeling dimension. I give thanks to each and every one of you who supports the arts in the recognition of its necessity for our true humanity.