1700: Into the Temple Exhibition

Join us for a glass of Champagne at the OSIRIS Exhibition Opening, Friday May 12th, 6pm - 7pm @ Osiris Studio + Gallery, 10 Coolman St Tyalgum.

1700: Into the Temple is a very special Collection of works that have been crafted upon an ancient, sacred smithing anvil that found it's way home to the OSIRIS studio at the beginning of this year.

The body of work emerges from this current of ancientness, and echoes symbolisms and stories of times, when adornments were empowered by sacred mysticisms and rituals.

The pieces are handrafted from sterling silver and gold, and feature Lapis Lazuli that have been hand cut for each piece. Lapis Lazuli is a stone of spirituality, holding the current of Truth and Enlightenment. A stone of spiritual royalty and intuition. It's chakra is Third Eye and it's element is Water.

"I wanted to construct pieces that spoke of Ancientness, that told the stories that are embedded still in the depths of our Consciousness; relics of our archaeologies emerging at this End Time... We are alive as the Collective Consciousness and perfect summary of all of our lifetimes, for the sake of Understanding. These sliding doors of the Ages move constantly, as Mists of Time, as we seek Self Knowledge and Remembrance of the Truth of Us as Only God.." - OSIRIS