Go Your Own Way - Birth of the WARRIOR SPIRIT Collection

So I was working on a piece yesterday that I thought was going to be a pendant. I had set the stone [which is the final step] and was polishing the piece when I noticed that the bale had come apart [from filing down too far, my bad]. It is really tricky solding a piece once you've set turquoise, because it is quite soft and fragile, and doesn't like heat, so I carefully attempted to resolder the bale. Quite a few times. Normally this would be easy. But this time, no. All attempts at fixing or replacing the bale failed. I put the piece aside for a moment and walked away. When I returned, I turned the piece on its side, and saw a new possibility - a bracelet, with a new design that hooks open and closed to one side.

This piece reminded me of how important it is to listen to the metal, pay attention to the direction it is trying to take. Let it come alive in whatever form it chooses, get out of the way mind! That's the magic. The other thing that happened was I was going for a black oxidised background, but I kept inadvertently buffing bits of the black off. After five repeats of adding Liver of Sulphur to restore the black, I thought - it's not meant to be and I brushed back the LOS to create a lovely matte grey finish, which is actually perfect for the stone!

Tuning into this piece, I began to feel a new Collection emerging, one of the WARRIOR SPIRIT, choosing to 'Go Your Own Way', trusting the beat of your heart beyond all else, and walking that walk with perfect grace.

Our battles are often invisible. They play out in the more subtle of realms. Dark and Light fight for occupancy within our own souls and those around us. Sometimes we battle our own heart's intuition. Sometimes we fight the negative forces of those who resist our growth and change.

WARRIOR SPIRIT stands strong in a realm that transcends the ages, rooted in the eternity of remembrance, the guardian of what is true.