OSIRIS and the process of creation

OSIRIS is a portal of creation, a realm between this world and the other… When I am creating within this current of OSIRIS, I am dissolved into the mysteries… The voices of many cultures speak to me, whispering the sacred secrets of their ancient ways. The rhythms emerge. OSIRIS is the realm of archetypes, of akashic records, where the priestess, the warrior, the shaman and the sorcerer, all abide in their spirit forms, radiating their heightened currents of gnosis and remembrance.

There is a place deep within me from whence the creative process arises. An inner cauldron of elemental forces, where metal meets the flame. I slip between the doorways of space and time in this creative play, immersed in the relationship of the elements, how they dance with each other within this cauldron of creation. What emerges from this inner space are unique, elemental pieces, that shine with preciousness, but also have depth, grit, and the intrinsic strength of metal in its raw beauty.

We are like these pieces, with many layers, markings and scars from our living, and our loving, which make us beautiful and unique. We are weathered, worn, with great depth and layering. We are not just the shiny surface layer that many aspire to present as who they are … to me, shiny and perfect is uninteresting, it is laborious to upkeep, and it is not true. In people and in metal alike. The strength of the elemental and raw, the power to wear your scars boldly and without shame, to embrace all of you and shine with the beauty of truth, that is strength, purity and love.

Aesthetically, I am inspired by textures, fluidity, natural forms and contrasting elements. My works often are described as sculptural. I am simply working in metal on objects of art on a miniature scale. The fact that you can wear them is almost incidental! Having said that, I do recognise how personal jewellery is to people. It is often an intimate whisper from the heart, and I do love being able to manifest that confession of love in the form of an original piece of jewellery. The tradition of adornment goes right back, and I love tapping into that lineage and sacred history as I work.

From the moment I first picked up a hammer and began tapping away on a piece of silver, I knew that I had found my world, artistically speaking. I am primarily a self-taught artist, which gives me the freedom to be highly experimental and fluid in how I work. I let the metal speak to me. Each piece that I create is a moment in time. I rarely sketch or plan my pieces, they emerge from the fire as a creative birthing, a revelation that unfolds before me. This is what makes the process of silversmithing so incredibly absorbing. When I am at my bench I disappear into the process of creation, I supply the hands and the eyes, and the rest comes from the other world. The most consistent feedback I get on my work is that it is so different, and unusual. I like that. I don’t fixate my work to any trend or aesthetic. It is fluid and ever-changing, a bit like myself I guess.

I am passionate about our return to the values and quality of the past, when we spent time making things, with a lot of care and effort. A time where communities were created around makers and artisans, where you had the village cobbler, baker and tailor. A time when people chatted over needles clacking away, and took care of what they had until it could no longer serve them. This was a much gentler time for the individual and the community, and also for the planet! It is this passion and love for our planet that inspires me to contribute what I can to ‘be the change I wish to see in the world’. Therefore I only use reclaimed metals in my pieces, and take care when using stones to source them from independent artisan cutters [rather than the sweatshops of India and China].

I love what I do and am grateful for OSIRIS and all of you who support my creative expression every day of my life!