So after yesterday’s epic day out I decided to stay closer to home today. Plus, the weather wasn’t looking so great. I stayed in for a bit and played with my new metal stamps [tip: you can practice your designs on paper using an ink pad, it’s quite good for trialling layouts].

After a bit, the sun came out and I couldn’t resist another walk – this time, a stroll around the neighbourhood and downtown. I came across some live jazz at a pizza place called The Cheeseboard Cooperative. It’s a nice spot on the way to downtown Berkeley. The business is owned and run by the collective and the tips go to the band. One flavour pizza and salad on the menu per day. Simple but it works – the line goes out the door and round the corner – I got in at a good time!

Afterwards I picked up some salad for dinner at the local grocers then made my way back home, just as the famous San Francisco fogs began rolling in. Clocked my distance today at around 7km. Not bad for a neighbourhood stroll!